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Hooton Retreat Glamping Experience Dome


Welcome to The Hooton Retreat. Be surrounded by nature's best flora and fauna as you refresh and rejuvenate during an exotic glamping experience, all of these with just a short drive away from the bustling city.

Be greeted by the tranquility and serenity the moment you step foot into The Hooton Retreat. Here, the peaceful vibes rejuvenates your soul, where you begin your day with a misty sunrise and end it under the blanket of shining stars, accompanied by the chirps of rare birds and the burbles of flowing water that enchant your senses along the way. Rediscover your inner self and cleanse your spirit as you venture into the sanctuary of lush virgin rainforest. It's the perfect getaway your mind, body, and soul deserve.


A pair of owls, Misty and Starry, lived on the ground where we currently stand today. Like a

guardian to the land, their hoots are heard throughout the peaceful woods. Embraced by the 

sound of their hoots, we present to you, The Hooton Retreat. (You'd be lucky to spot Misty and 

Starry during your visit here.)

Owl On Tree Misty Starry
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